Get my attention! Make me listen! Convince me of your value!

Now, compel me to voluntarily pick up the phone, open my wallet and give you my money. Think you can do it? Can you do it in 120 seconds? 60 seconds? 30 seconds?


The art of the short form commercial is truly that – it is an art. The producer has less than 2 minutes to convey a message, evoke an emotion, and entice a response or a call to action. And did we mention they also need to build a brand awareness? So what makes a short form commercial work? How can anyone possibly do all of that in less than 2 minutes and leave the customer feeling satisfied about their purchase or selection? Experience, salesmanship, finesse and knowing how to ask the customer for what you want are key elements to the success of the short form. It is no coincidence that many of the best short form personalities and producers have experience as “pitchmen”. These are the experts. They know exactly how to craft the message, work the magic and most importantly, get the sale. At Dynamic TV Marketing, we have perfected the art of the Short Form again and again. We know how to make your short form work, and our track record proves it! Take a look at some of our successful campaigns by product category….and take special note of the revenue and leads each campaign generated.


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