“The Devil’s in the details.
Anyone who’s ever managed all the variables associated with a Direct Response campaign can relate to that statement! Unlike any other industry, Direct Response is not based on lengthy market studies, 18 month forecasts, and impenetrable business plans. If it were only that easy!  Instead, DR is based on mass market appeal, speed to market, quality productions that actually work, and a management team that can quickly respond and optimize every variable of a campaign.The slightest misstep in management can make the difference between a winning campaign and a bomb. The success or failure often times has less to do with the campaign itself, and everything to do with the management, or mismanagement, of the details.

Campaign Management

Let’s face it; you simply can’t afford to learn the ropes at the “expense” of your campaigns. Nor can you afford to hire all the industry experts needed to manage every little aspect required. You’re smart enough to realize that relying on your vendors to provide management guidance is a bit like leaving the wolf in charge of the hen house, but you don’t have your own systems or the expertise to manage the campaigns on your own. You need help and guidance you can trust.

At Dynamic TV Marketing, we have the expertise and the systems to manage every aspect of your campaign. From product sourcing and factory negotiations to vendor selection and metrics analysis, each member of our management team has at least ten years of Direct Response experience in their specific area of interest and each has successfully managed countless campaigns for top level Direct Response companies. We’d be glad to help you with all, or part, of your management needs. And, since our revenue and success is in direct correlation to your revenue and success, you can rest assured that we will provide objective, expert management guidance that is truly in the best interest of your campaign.

So, if you don’t know your MER from REM or your inbound from your outbound, give us a call….we’ll help you see the light. 

  • Product Sourcing
  • Factory Selection/Negotiations
  • Offer Creation
  • Scripting
  • Short Form Production
  • Long Form Production
  • Virtual Production Systems
  • Editing
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Call Center Selection and Management
  • Fulfillment Selection
  • Media Buying and Management
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Campaign Management and Metric Analysis
  • Home Shopping Distribution (QVC/HSN)
  • Retail Distribution