Ahhh, the traditional and sometimes infamous “infomercial”.  28 minutes and 30 seconds of compelling, often times dramatic, paid advertising.

It’s hard to believe the infomercial has only been around since 1984.  The format has become so ingrained in our communal culture that there are very few people, young and old alike, who do not immediately recognize the ch…ch..ch..Chia Pet jingle or Ronco’s “Set it and Forget it” tagline.  And who doesn’t remember the Ginsu Knife show with blades expertly slicing through tin cans (do you remember “tin” cans?) and then gently cutting a tomato paper thin?  Now that was effective marketing.


Today, the infomercial category has survived the early days of poor production and cheesy skits and has evolved into a legitimate branding tool and sales channel. Well known consumer brand companies are now finding the value in the infomercial format.  In addition to providing massive consumer exposure at a fraction of traditional advertising costs, the long form infomercial is a highly effective branding vehicle.  Both traditional and non-traditional direct response companies continue to find unique and compelling ways to use the selling format to build brand awareness, create market need, cross demographic and language barriers, and support retail efforts.  It’s a whole new world…..and to think it all started with an Ohio based knife company with a Japanese sounding name.  What could possibly be next?  Don’t answer just yet…because as we all know, for the infomercial industry, one thing holds true…”but WAIT, there’s more”!


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