Steve began his career as a professional demonstrator in 1980. Capitalizing on his natural ability to sell in combination with compelling demonstrations and a unique style, he quickly became acknowledged as one of the top ten demonstrators in the United States. Then, using his acquired skills along with an uncanny ability to spot winning products, he entered the newly emerging Direct Response TV industry. With the advent of Federal Deregulation, Steve knew that the business of selling via demonstration, in the new thirty-minute format, was sure to experience explosive growth.

During the 90’s, while hosting and appearing in four major infomercials, Steve was also crafting his production skills behind the scenes. He began producing 60 and 120 second spots for other DRTV companies in addition to perfecting the Long Form 28:30 format. His successful track record in show production along with his ability to  place product and demonstrators in the Electronic Retailing venues, (HSN, QVC) has earned him a pristine reputation. The products Steve has brought to these channels of distribution have generated gross sales in excess of 400 million dollars.

Steve launched his own production company in 1993. His no nonsense approach to production has allowed him to produce shows for clients with a wide range of budgets at extremely competitive prices. From no frills, direct to camera in – studio, to multi camera remote shoots on exotic locations, no job is too big or too small.

Today, Dynamic TV Marketing has expanded its service offering with one primary objective:  produce maximum revenue and results for our clients.  At Dynamic TV Marketing, your success is our success.