Every successful company has one. That one person who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty, has amazing organizational skills, talent, and a variety of experiences. That one person who is the gel that makes the whole company united and perform more effectively. Usually, they are so organized, so effective and so good at what they do, that their efforts are, well, “effortless”. At Dynamic TV Marketing, that one person is our Production Manager, Cindy Serlo.

In addition to her regular duties as Dynamic’s Production Manager, Cindy never ceases to amaze us with her wealth of experience and talents. Having been an actress in major motion pictures such as “Holy Man” with Eddie Murphy and “Something About Mary” with Cameron Diaz, Cindy has a unique perspective on working on set with talent. She has appeared in numerous long form and short form infomercials and has been a guest on HSN. But her insight into the production process does not stop there. Cindy has also been a lead production manager, a set designer, a food stylist, a wardrobe stylist, a makeup artist and, most importantly, the “voice” of the consumer. Amongst all her accomplishments, her perspective as a Midwestern mother, grandmother and consumer have proven to be invaluable in helping our clients and our team determine what will and will not sell to the direct response demographic. In her spare time, Cindy is currently active in the film adaptation of the novel, Invitation to Valhalla by Mike Whicker.
So, the next time you’re on set and see that one person who calmly solves all the problems, manages the timelines, comes up with ingenious solutions while simultaneously powdering the talent and making sure Kraft services is on time, be sure to say hello to Cindy….our resident, one woman wonder.